Silicon Slopes Friday Conversation with Patrick Manning

In this Friday Conversation, we were joined by Patrick Manning, Managing Partner of Black Desert Resort. In the conversation, he shares Black Desert's journey from managing a luxury golf course to creating Utah's next big destination.

The story behind Black Desert Resort begins as a revolutionary concept that seamlessly blends high-end hospitality with cutting-edge technology. Manning's ability to articulate his vision, shoot first and think later attitude, and how he conveys his passion for creating unforgettable guest experiences is truly captivating.

Black Desert is a place where you can be standing on a putting green, barefoot with swim trunks on, playing music and having fun.

Patrick emphasizes his colleagues' abilities to see the bigger picture that has lead Black Desert to a more promising future. Proudly announcing that, "We want Black Desert to be Utah's resort," he aims to do just that. Manning shared their plans to evolve from just another luxury golf course into the spearhead of Utah's vacation destinations.

Not only that, Manning explained how Black Desert Resort is designed to minimize its ecological footprint by utilizing renewable energy sources, implementing efficient waste management systems, and preserving the surrounding natural beauty.

We're very excited to see Black Desert transform into a platform for the future of the hospitality industry and the possibilities that emerge when technology and human touch are harmoniously integrated. Manning's insights, passion, and commitment to creating exceptional guest experiences continue to be a driven force, dedicated to bringing recognition to what Utah has to offer the world.

To watch the full conversation, please follow the link below:

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