Steton rebrands to RizePoint, partners with local school district for 10 STEM scholarships

By Jordan Phelps

St. George-based Steton, an enterprise compliance management software, has relocated to Salt Lake City and rebranded as RizePoint. The mobile and cloud-based software provided by RizePoint is utilized by over 285,000 users worldwide across 120 countries and 40 languages. The new name and brand will take effect immediately in order to reflect the company’s values and direction for 2016.

“We make software and technology that helps the biggest brands in the world protect their brand equity,” said Frank Maylett, president and CEO of RizePoint. “We’re the technology that these companies use to ensure that their brand is delivering upon their brand promise.”

RizePoint serves many top hospitality brands, including Marriott and Hilton, and many food service brands, like McDonald’s and Starbucks, in addition to retail brands. The software helps companies to comply with both external and internal standards for their specific industry to enhance the customer experience and increase revenue for each brand. It provides the ability to gather data, identify risks, and create an action plan to correct issues and avoid liability. The software has provided 30–40% labor savings and ROI within 90 days to the companies that use their product says Maylett.

“It’s because of technology like ours that empowers those brands to protect the experience with the consumer,” said Maylett. “Customers see very quickly how we can save them money, protect their brand and increase their customer relationship which will equate to additional revenue.”

Steton, the name before the rebrand, flew under the radar and most people had never heard of the company even though they had benefitted from it’s product. We made a decision to rebrand to RizePoint to get a name that was little bit more usable in the market said Maylett. The rebrand was designed to better convey the nature of the business and the company’s desired brand attributes. With their new name, RizePoint wants to be the spark that furthers brand protection and increases revenues for their customers through a great customer experience.

As a part of the new name, RizePoint announced a new community partnership with The Canyons School District Education Foundation to fund 10 scholarships for local middle-school aged students. These scholarships will go towards attendance in STEM education in summer camps for the children. Additionally, RizePoint employees will be volunteering in and teaching classes in the STEM classes offered by the district.

“We are a proud member of the local community, and are very invested in fortifying the future workforce,” said Maylett. “It’s time for the great companies around the country to invest in better educational opportunities around the STEM initiatives.”

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