Marketing agency Big Leap acquires Leadgenix

American Fork-based Big Leap, a digital marketing agency, announced the acquisition of Leadgenix, a Provo-based digital marketing agency. The owners of Leadgenix said in a statement that they were looking for an agency with similar goals that they could partner with to expand their services while still having high standards for the content provided to their clients.

“Big Leap and Leadgenix were a perfect match, as each company’s mission focuses on high-quality work and viewing their relationships with clients as partnerships,” said Dan Posner, former President of Leadgenix who will now be Vice President of Business Development at Big Leap.

With the acquisition, Big Leap now has 40 employees that will all work from the Big Leap offices in American Fork. Some of the major clients they provide services to are Domo, Deseret New, Workfront, and BambooHR. Their priority is to continue to develop a strong brand presence online for their clients through SEO, paid media, content marketing, local search and social media services the company said in a statement.

“Leadgenix is a great agency with a great team and great clients,” said Bryan Phelps, Big Leap’s founder and CEO. “Their team brought some additional expertise to round out our services, particularly with social media, local SEO, and content marketing. Their experience working with other agencies and white-label partners has been invaluable to us as we expand those offerings.”

By Jordan Phelps

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