MarketStar Acquires Regalix And

Ogden-based SaaS company, MarketStar has announced the acquisition of Regalix, Inc., a marketing and revenue operations company. The acquisition will also include all of the Regalix subsidiaries, including Inc., a sales onboarding platform.

MarketStar, founded in 1988, has spread far and wide with global operations in the Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Ireland, Bulgaria, the Philippines, Australia, and United States (Utah). MarketStar employs more than 1,600 employees worldwide and is an innovator of SaaS solutions.

Looking at globally, MarketStar has highlighted five main benefits stemming from the new change: Revenue Enablement Platform

End-to-End B2B Sales and Revenue Solutions

Integrated Global Ad Sales & Ad Operations

Geographic, Language, and Talent Capabilities Focused on Growing Revenue

• Complementary Cultures with a Passion for Creating Growth

MarketStar's unique advantage is a worldwide sales and marketing reach with a local and regional perspective. Their teams "...mirror the organization and support of their U.S. counterparts, but with localized day-to-day management based on in-country culture and laws." Marketstar takes your current sales force and makes it even better with cutting edge SaaS solutions.

"MarketStar's acquisition of Regalix provides a focused and differentiated option in the market for how B2B companies grow and scale revenue," said Keith Titus, MarketStar President and CEO in a recent press release. "The combination of our respective sales and revenue solutions, world class teams, and the platform will provide transformative capabilities for our current and future clients."

Congratulations to the MarketStar team.

To learn more about the acquisition or MarketStar's offerings, visit

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