Weave Announces $17M In Funding

Led by Catalyst Investors, participation from Crosslink Capital and Pelion Venture Partners.

Three years ago, Weave launched a software platform in hopes of bridging the technology gap between dentist offices and patients. Dentists had always lacked a unified communications method for interacting with the patient (and their data) and Weave sought to solve the problem through modern methods — SMS, email, voice, marketing, things of that ilk.

After being accepted into Y Combinator at the beginning of 2014, Weave announced a $5 million funding round and followed that up with a $15.5 million Series B round at the end of 2015, continuing to build out their patient communication software.

Today marks another milestone for Weave as they announce a $17 million round led by Catalyst Investors, with a participation from existing investors Crosslink Capital and Pelion Venture Partners. As part of the transaction, Catalyst partner Tyler Newton will join the Board of Directors.

Weave founder and CEO Brandon Rodman expressed his enthusiasm in a statement:

We built Weave on the belief that doctor-patient relationships matter. Our technology makes running a practice’s front office easy and strengthens the interaction with patients. Catalyst is an ideal partner to help expand our customer base given the team’s extensive experience with SaaS and communications businesses and its domain expertise in the SMB and healthcare markets.

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