After Closing $5 Million Funding Round, Weave Founders Set to Tell Their Story

One of the most rewarding perks of covering Utah’s startup scene is being able to chronicle the success of companies like Weave.

One of the most rewarding perks of covering Utah’s startup scene is being able to chronicle the success of companies like Weave, and watch them grow into something special. The company’s founders, Brandon and Jared Rodman, are two of the most genuine and innovative entrepreneurs in Utah.

Here at Beehive Startups (disclosure: Weave is a client of our parent company, Izeni), we’ve been able to witness (you don’t own that word, LeBron James) Brandon and Jared take what was just an idea drawn out on a white board to signing 160 customers before being accepted into Y Combinator, to raising $5 million in a Series A round led by A Capital, a new VC firm started by Ronny Conway and Mark Valdez, both formerly of Andreessen Horowitz. It’s been a lot of fun to watch, and it couldn’t be happening to two better people.

Thanks to Startup Grind Utah, Brandon and Jared Rodman will be telling their story tonight at the Adobe building in Lehi at 6:00 p.m. This is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs throughout Utah to learn from a couple of founders who have built a local startup that’s just beginning to explode onto the national scene. We hope to you see you all there!

Click here to register for the event. (Life hack: use the promo code “Izeni” to get in free.)

Yesterday’s Big News: Weave Secures $5 Million in Funding

Weave, the modern phone company for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that syncs with existing CRM and EMR software, announced it has raised $5 million in Series A funding to support the company’s rapid growth and accelerate product innovation. The round was led by A Capital, and joined by a number of other investors, including Homebrew, Fuel Capital, SV Angel, Y Combinator and Initialized Capital.

“Our investment in Weave represents a steadfast commitment to supporting innovative ideas that hold tremendous potential to disrupt an entire market,” said Ronny Conway, managing partner, A Capital. “With its innovative communication system designed for markets long overlooked, Weave is proving itself a pioneer that is quickly making its mark on the industry.”

These funds come at a time of exponential growth for Weave, a company that understands the specific pain points SMBs experience with traditional, marquee-name communication services. In the past month alone, Weave’s customer base jumped 30 percent, prompting the addition of personnel to support new and existing customers in Weave’s initial market of focus, the dental industry. Aside from these new hires, proceeds from this round of funding will be used to expand Weave’s sales and marketing efforts to meet the increasing demand for its software. The money will also be used to develop new innovations to further differentiate itself in the market.

More than 600 dental practices across the United States and Canada have discovered Weave as a means to more effectively communicate with their patients and streamline office operations. The only phone and text service designed for SMBs in dentistry, Weave’s communication software links to a dental practice’s existing patient database, ensuring information is instantly at the fingertips of office personnel during patient communications. As a result, staff members can accomplish more on phone calls and provide personalized service, while the practice benefits from greater retention rates and higher marks for customer service. Weave was built to empower the office associate, and therefore requires little to no specialized IT experience for installation or management.

“Today’s communication services are not designed with the SMB in mind, let alone SMBs in the dental industry that require very specific features and capabilities to help support their goals to better serve patients,” said Brandon Rodman, CEO, Weave. “Weave introduces a revolutionary approach to patient communication that can actually be applied across the healthcare vertical and beyond. Our investors recognize this, and understand that this is just the beginning for Weave.”

Published 6/12/2014

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