M&P Ep. 196 Christopher McBeth & Mark Campbell, Utah Opera

In this week's episode, Garrett Clark sits down with Mark Campbell, Librettist, and Christopher McBeth, Artistic Director at Utah Opera, to discuss their upcoming event: The R(e)volution of Steve Jobs, the Grammy-Award-winning, “totally user-friendly” take on the complicated entrepreneur who changed our modern world forever.

With rave reviews across North America, from San Francisco, to Seattle, to Atlanta, and beyond, The Revolution of Steve Jobs comes to Salt Lake City from May 6 to May 14--you don't want to miss it!

Meet the man behind the devices in this opera that’s as innovative as its anti-hero. Sung in English, the opera features modern music (including electronics and electric guitar), incorporates dozens of digital screens into the set to stunning effect—and with the run-time of a movie (about 90 minutes)—this performance will have you rethinking what you know about opera.

In partnership with the Utah Opera, Silicon Slopes is hosting an exclusive rooftop networking after-party with the cast and creators on May 12. Use code REVOLUTION at checkout for 20 percent off and to receive a ticket to the after-party; space for the after-party is limited, so act fast. We'll see you at the opera on May 12!

For more insights about The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, please watch the conversation below:

Meat & Potatoes Podcast is Silicon Slopes longest standing podcast show. The podcast highlights Utah startups and celebrates, promotes, and features business leaders within and outside the Silicon Slopes community.

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