A Community Worth Building

This holiday season, we hope you’ll take the time to serve others, to build up our neighborhoods, and to help those most in need.

A month has passed since we launched Beehive Startups. In that time, the response we’ve received from the startup community here in Utah has been overwhelming. We’ve been able to meet a lot of great entrepreneurs; we’ve profiled a lot of awesome startups companies; and we have a lot more stories to tell.

We believe there’s a need for a publication dedicated to being on the ground, reporting Utah startup and business news. We believe it’s valuable to every entrepreneur in this state to read our in-depth profiles on Utah’s most exciting entrepreneurs and startups. We’re here to tell their stories, to celebrate their success, to learn from their failures, and to chronicle their journey every step of the way.

We hope to help build a strong startup community here in Utah. A community where everyone is welcome. A community where you don’t have to look far for advice or a helping hand. A community worth building. This state was well on its way to building such a community before we came onto the scene. We’re just here to help.

We want to hear from you. We want to publish your writings, promote your events, feature your startup, and help you succeed by any means possible. We know we’ll only be successful if we have the support of the community we’re covering.

At the end of the day, though, we’re not only concerned about the startup community. We’re just as concerned about strengthening our Utah communities. This holiday season, we hope you’ll take the time to serve others, to build up our neighborhoods, and to help those most in need.

We’ve come up with a list of some of the charities here in Utah. This is by no means a comprehensive list. We’re confident we’ve missed a lot of great charities and a lot of great opportunities to serve. So, we’re asking for your help. Please reach out and let us know who we’re missing, who needs help, and what we can do to get involved.

The great product you’re building can wait. This holiday season, help us build something even greater.

Utah Charities:


The Food & Care Coalition

People Helping People

Kane Schools Foundation for Students

Youth Making A Difference

Rocky Mountain Care Foundation

Women’s World Health Initiative

Utah Food Bank

Intermountain Specialized Abuse Treatment Center

The Road Home

Cottages of Hope

Alta Community Enrichment

Utah Pride Center

The Epilepsy Association of Utah

Pearls With a Purpose

Published 12/19/2013

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