Getting Operational Results

When you bring people together and align processes, a lot can happen.

When you run a company that sells products, there is quite a bit of planning that goes into determining how much of your inventory should go where at what time. If you get your planning wrong, your costs rise dramatically. Luckily, Operational Results guarantees they can help you get it right.

“We’re a management consulting firm that does consulting and we also have technology for really large companies that have planning concerns,” says Operational Results CEO Brant Slade. The company offers a package deal for their clients. Not only does it educate corporations on the processes appropriate for planning, but it also provides them with technology that will help keep those processes in place. “We built an application to be able to tie people to their goals more specifically,” Slade says.

That application has proven to make all the difference in sales and operations planning. “Our time to results is about one-third of the industry average,” says COO Steve Bench. Bench explains that often in large companies there are many systems and solutions in place, but none for demand and supply. With the Operational Results system and solution, companies can avoid waste and get products to the right people at the right time. “We feel like we’re really making a difference,” Slade says. “When you bring people together and align processes, a lot can happen.”

Operational Results has over 2 billion in documented savings across their clients so far. On average, clients experience a 39% increase in profit, 21% increase in revenue, 29% increase in unit sales, and a 14% decrease in costs. Operational Results guarantees a 7% growth in profit, which equates to, as Slade describes it, “Huge dollars to the bottom line.”

Operational Results originated as a consulting firm. Before starting the company, Slade was a partner in a large consulting firm. He witnessed the struggle of many large companies that were trying to navigate complex changes and keep personnel aligned. He felt he could help these companies in a better way, so he started his own firm. He then added the technology component 3 years ago. Now, after Operational Results sends a consulting expert to help companies implement systems for innovation, demand, supply, analysis and management, it also provides technology that keeps all those systems in check. “We have experience with a lot of large companies. We can approach these large organizations and understand their challenges,” says Managing Principal Siri Osthed.

Operational Results has been self-funded until recently, when they took an investment from Kickstart Seed Fund. “Kickstart has been really great to us. We engaged them for their advice as much as for the money. They have given us a lot of this and help to take this and expand it and make it a larger company,” Slade says.

In addition to continuing to serve their current clients, Slade and his team hope to start assisting local Utah companies with their sales and operations planning. “Some companies are trying to run a large company without really knowing what best practices are and are spending a lot of money and time trying to figure things out,” Slade says, explaining that the Operational Results solution can bring sales, production, and inventory plans together in one common plan. “Now is the time for these companies to do that,” Slade says, advising growing companies to put plans in place now and position themselves for growth. “We’re focused on results and have the ability to get people there very fast.”

Published 4/4/2016

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