How MityLite Built A Business From Tables And Chairs

When people think of Mitylite, they don’t think of us as a product so much as a vendor. When you transcend the product, that’s where real value is created.

MityLite has always been an innovative company. It was founded 28 years ago to solve an inherent problem in the portable furniture industry. Hotels, convention centers and churches needed high-quality tables and chairs that were easy to setup and durable. So MityLite created a product that was easy to work with, saved labor cost and set-up time, and performed for years. MityLite products became an industry staple, and the company acquired Broda Seating, a provider of long-term care seating. Both companies were eventually purchased by Sorenson Capital and Peterson Partners (then Prospect Capital Corporation) and became Mity Inc.

CEO John Dudash successfully led Mity Inc. through the acquisition by Prospect Capital Corporation and lent a broader view of the company’s mission as well as a clear path to achieving the organization’s goals. “The company never had a clear path,” Dudash says. “They didn’t see themselves as a vertical integration one-stop shop. We are now that.” Since John Dudash became CEO of Mity Inc. five years ago, the company has grown 250%.

“It’s a combination of forward and visionary thinking,” Dudash says, explaining how he’s led the company to success. Dudash used that forward and visionary thinking to refocus the company’s structure. “Inside sales made us successful, but not nearly as successful as we could be,” Dudash says, “So we moved to outside sales and focused on larger, more dramatic orders.” The company also improved sourcing capabilities in order to better serve their customers. “We took a customer experience first attitude to the market place,” Dudash says.“When people think of Mitylite, they don’t think of us as a product so much as a vendor. When you transcend the product, that’s where real value is created.”

Dudash also cites philanthropy as part of Mity Inc.’s success. “We are very committed to giving back,” Dudash says. The company supports Habitat for Humanity, Bridging the Gap Africa, Cause for Hope, and local charities. “Our contributions are part of our success quotient,” Dudash says.

Dudash is a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year. Finalists will be recognized at the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards Gala Saturday, June 4, at the Grand America Hotel. If you’re interested in attending, you can purchase tickets here.

Published 5/4/2016

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