Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health Announce Multi-Billion-Dollar Merger

Nonprofit healthcare systems Intermountain Health and SCL Health have announced plans to merge, a transaction between two multi-billion-dollar healthcare providers slated to close in early 2022.

Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Health is comprised of 25 hospitals, 225 clinics, 42,000 employees, a medical group, the SelectHealth insurance company, and a number of other medical/healthcare services.

Conversely, SCL Health includes eight hospitals, 160 physician clinics, and 16,000 employees.

The combined organization will provide services to residents across six states:

  • Colorado,
  • Idaho,
  • Kansas,
  • Montana,
  • Nevada, and
  • Utah.

As major healthcare powerhouses in their respective regions, the merger looks to be exceptional.

Once the merger is complete, the combined healthcare entity will keep the name Intermountain Healthcare, while the SCL hospitals will retain their distinct Catholic names.

Headquarters are slated to be located in the heart of Salt Lake City, with a regional office in Bloomfield, Colorado (the current home base for SCL).

"We're excited to merge with SCL Health to usher in a new frontier for the health of communities throughout the Intermountain West and beyond,"

said Marc Harrison, MD, president and CEO of Intermountain in the merger press release.

Dr. Harrison will continue to serve as president and CEO of the combined entity after the merger, with Lydia Jumonville, president and CEO of SCL Health, retaining her role for two years and then transitioning to a position on the newly formed and combined board of directors.

Clearly this is big news for both Intermountain and SCL, as well as the citizens of Utah and those living in the five other states in the Intermountain/SCL footprint.

Look for a deeper dive into the implications and impact of this merger in the weeks ahead.

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