Just The Jolt Your Employees Need

We’re constantly working to expand our product line at a low price and it’s led to a lot of expansion and organic growth.

When Josh Bird bought a Baskin Robbins franchise, he soon realized there was a severe lack of systemization in regards to how employees were managed. He felt as though he had unintentionally bought a job instead of a business. He tried using google docs to build systems that would help with management and communication, but ultimately was unable to get the docs to do what he wanted. So he partnered with developer Tyler Slater and together they built Jolt. Later, their first employee CJ Lewis became a partner as well.

Jolt is a cloud-based workforce management software platform that enables employers to make sure their employees know how to do their job, when to do their job, and what is expected of them. Features of the platform include tasks and checklists, forms and inspections, an information library, employee scheduling, time and attendance tracking, employee announcements, a logbook and journal, date code labeling, and automated temperature sensors.

Up until six months ago, the Jolt team was working out of a basement. They’ve since grown to 30 employees serving thousands and thousands of businesses. “We’re in a really crazy growth phase,” Slater says. It’s a growth he attributes to the quality of the product. “Our engineering team has always outnumbered our sales team,” Slater says. “We’re not looking for 100 customers, we’re looking for 10 fans. Our customers are our fans.” That focus has led to intense customer loyalty, to the point where customers send explicit emails complimenting the software.

Because their loyal customers are highly networked and include a number of chains, Jolt has spread quickly. Jolt is currently used in 10% of all Chick-Fil-A’s and hundreds of McDonald’s. Jolt is also used in LegoLand in the Florida and California locations, as well as international locations. Their list of clients is extensive and continues to grow. “We’re constantly working to expand our product line at a low price and it’s led to a lot of expansion and organic growth,” Slater explains.

Jolt has obtained a dominant position in their market and as Slater explains, “Our future path is pretty clear right now.” They hope to expand their product offering and eventually take over as a mainstream platform across all industries.

Jolt is currently looking for employees in every department. They want team members who are honest, organized and talented. If you fit that bill, contact Jolt.

Published 3/21/2016

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