Friday Conversation Series: Justin Calapp, Ph.D. and Maureen Lang, ACC from NeuroLeadership Institute

In this conversation, we were joined by Justin Calapp and Maureen Lang from the NeuroLeadership Institute. In this conversation, Justin and Maureen share tools and resources on how to help develop employees and individuals soft skills in a science-based way.

As mentioned in their conversation, recent events including the global pandemic—and most recently, the fall of SVB bank—has made a lot of people uncertain about the future. To combat this steady rise of uncertainty, the NeuroLeadership Institute uses psychological safety, which is a shared belief that people won't be judged or embarrassed for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.

However, creating a safe place can be easier said than done. "To create a culture and environment of psychological safety, "According to Calapp, "one needs to set the stage to establish clarity, invite participation to increase engagement, and respond thoughtfully to advance thinking."

Doctor Justin Calapp has 25 years as an experienced business practitioner, successful entrepreneur, and trusted advisor to Fortune 100 and Global 500 organizations in the Financial Services and Manufacturing industries. Maureen Lang is Vice President, Corporate Solutions at NeuroLeadership Institute.

For more insights, please watch the full conversation here:

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