Silicon Slopes Conversation with Linda Llewelyn, CPO of Health Catalyst

We were recently joined by Chief People Officer (CPO) of Health Catalyst, Linda Llewelyn. In this conversation, they discuss the important topics of the Health Catalyst's culture, hiring process, and advancement structure. This discussion helps shed a light on the organization's commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment.

Linda discussed the importance of having a good company culture and making your employees feel appreciated.  She emphasized Health Catalyst's dedication to building a culture founded on love, compassion, and mutual respect and how this culture managed to succeed because of the organization's CEO. Linda stated: "[Company culture] has to start with the CEO. In my previous work experiences, HR have tried to manage culture, but it never works. It has to start with the CEO." By nurturing an environment where team members genuinely care for each other, the organization aims to create a sense of belonging and encourage collaboration and innovation.

"We want to make sure our entire workforce feels safe coming to work." - Linda Llewelyn, CPO of Health Catalyst

The conversation also revolved around Health Catalyst's unique approach to hiring, focusing on treating its candidates as if they were already team members. Llewelyn highlighted, "We keep candidates warm. If we don't have a position available at that time. Our team members will continue reaching out to those candidates." This emphasis on love and dedication not only cultivates a cohesive team, but it also drives the company's overall success.

To watch the full conversation, please follow the link below:

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