Lumio Acquires Unyte Home Services

Two Lehi, Utah-based residential technology companies have combined to create an "unprecedented home experience solution to millions of Americans."

Although no financial information has been released, Lumio – a world-class solar company – has acquired Unyte – a home services technology company.

Through this partnership, Greg Butterfield, Co-founder and Chairman of Lumio, states that Lumio now,

"...extends value beyond the rooftop and into the home with the services homeowners use every day."

Lumio will now be able to help customers automate and connect their home services like solar, security, property management, and flood sensors.

This acquisition will strengthen Lumio's ability to "deliver best-in-class home services and renewable energy solutions" according to Greg Schwarzer, President and COO of HomeSphere, one of Unyte's partners.

To read the full press release, click here.  

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