Utah Makes the List Thrice

Congratulations to Sixfifty Technologies, Simple Nexus, and Chatbooks for making the Fast Company Top 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators.

For the third year in a row, Fast Company has worked with Accenture to carefully comb through applications and select companies that have created cultures of innovation this year. 2021 was definitely a year for the history books in terms of innovation, and many companies saw a complete change from how they worked in years past (we're looking at you remote workers).

If you haven't looked into these three companies, you definitely should. Sixfifty makes sense of the spiderweb of law statutes with an easy to use tech platform, Simple Nexus is a fantastic digital mortgage platform for loan officers, borrowers and real estate agents, and Chatbooks makes it easy to take the gazillion photos from your phone and have them printed in high quality paperback or hardback books.

We're proud to have three Silicon Slopes, Utah-grown companies on Fast Company's list. So if you know them- and even if you don't- give them a holler and say congrats!

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