Friday Conversation Series: Morgan Williams, CEO of Blendyd Studios, Inc.

In this Friday Conversation, we were joined by CEO of Blendyd Studios, Morgan Williams. During their conversation, Morgan shared insights on how Morgan built Blendyd and the importance of implementing tech in an otherwise technologically slow moving industry.

According to Morgan, "72 percent of everything we buy is moved by a truck." Because each truck is driven by a person (we don't have self-driving trucks yet), that means there are roughly 3.5 million truck drivers on the road. Because of the high demand of drivers, the industry has become quite competitive in the hiring process. Unfortunately, the hiring process is extremely slow, so applying for these jobs can be a complete nightmare--especially if they are applying for truck driving positions in small- to mid-size companies, which is roughly 97 percent of the market.

Enter Blendyd Studios. According to Morgan, "Blendyd is an affordable applicant tracking system that automates key recruitment functions." So instead of waiting for an application that may takes months to go through, Blendyd helps make this process go by a lot faster by streamlining Department of Transportation verification, automated workflows and integrations, and a data-driven dashboard.

For more insights, please watch the full conversation here:

Silicon Slopes Conversations are weekly events that feature keynote speakers, business leaders, and businesses within the Silicon Slopes community. These conversations typically take place every Friday at noon in Silicon Slopes HQ, which is based in Lehi, Utah. To RSVP for future conversations or chapter events, click here.

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