Motivosity Is Here To Help Boost Your Company Culture

We’re more passionate about helping culture than anything.

“Culture is more than foosball and ping pong tables. There’s a real way to impact culture for good in a systematic way,” says Motivosity CEO Scott Johnson, explaining why he created the Motivosity platform. “Motivosity exists to make the workplace better for people,” says Johnson.

Motivosity allows coworkers to publicly thank each other and send Motivosity bucks. Talk is cheap, guys. If Fred helps you with an enormous project and all Fred gets is a “Thanks, Bud!” and a pat on the back, Fred’s going to feel a little underappreciated. But if Fred gets a company wide email that publicly thanks him and receives some cash, Fred’s going to feel the appreciation he deserves. “With just some small appreciation, good talent can feel like they can be a part of making a difference at work,” says Johnson.

Using Motivosity, employers provide budgeted money to every employee that the employee can use to share with others. Employees can take their budgeted money and reward other employees for doing the right thing. Employers are then able to inspire their employees to live by and embody company values, by encouraging employees to reward others when they exemplify those values.

Johnson started Motivosity after founding Workfront, a company widely regarded for its culture and working environment. At Workfront, part of what Johnson tried to do was get deep into the mind of a worker and determine what made for a good day at work. What he discovered was that a little appreciation went a long way in making employees happy.

But it took a lot more than just that discovery to get Motivosity off the ground. In 2007, Johnson stepped away from writing software to become CEO of Workfront. So when it came time to write code for Motivosity, he had to get up to date on current technology. “It was like going back to school,” Johnson says. Johnson spent all of 2013 working on the project alone, researching the market, and validating the product. In early 2014 Motivosity had its first cohort of customers and by mid-2014 Johnson knew the company was viable. “It wasn’t until we actually saw that the company would hit the give button and 99% of employees would use it that I knew this was for sure viable,” Johnson says.

That viability is further evidenced by Motivosity customer feedback. “People love it,” says Motivosity VP of Sales Chad Perry. “I’ve never worked for a company where we’ve had so many vocal proponents.” It’s not uncommon for end users to recommend Motivosity to their colleagues or for Motivosity to receive a call from the head of the company to call and request the platform after hearing rave reviews. “I have yet to hear a bad thing said about Motivosity,” says Perry.

“We’re more passionate about helping culture than anything,” Johnson says, explaining that Motivosity can benefit even the smallest of companies. “We’d love people to try us out.”

Published 5/31/2016

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