Movement Ventures Builds Companies With Their Bare Hands

Movement without purpose is pointless.

Movement Ventures is an exciting new Lehi-based venture studio founded by Josh Little and Bucky Flowers. The idea behind the studio is to get a bunch of talented entrepreneurs and developers under one roof to create as many successful companies as possible.

“We quickly validate and de-risk product ideas in the market through rapid prototyping or other experiments,” Flowers wrote in a recent blog post. “We create 2–3 products a year and then spin them out at the right time as child companies. We also look at acquiring companies that show promise, bringing them in house and helping them to reach their full potential. We’re a venture studio ala Betaworks, Science Inc, and Idealab.”

We were invited by Derek Miner, co-founder of Orange Soda and friend of Movement Ventures, to attend the studio’s recent open house.

“Movement Ventures is a group of talented entrepreneurs working together to create amazing companies that people love,” Miner said.

The event was catered by Cubby’s, the best deli in Provo (possibly even Utah County; maybe even all of Utah), and the studio was packed full of Josh Little and Bucky Flowers supporters — many of whom happen to be some of the biggest names in Utah’s startup community.

In a brief speech, Little announced the acquisition of two popular apps; the names of which Movement Ventures will be disclosing publicly in the coming days.

We expect to be writing a lot more about Movement Ventures in the future. In the meantime, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, or “Like” them on Facebook for more details.

Published 2/17/2014

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