LASSONDE+X Sees 29 Students Graduate In 2021-22

If you're interested in entrepreneurship in Utah, you probably know about the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, at the David Eccles School of Business.   Lassonde+X, the latest program offered by the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy, allows students to "entrepreneur their major." It's essentially a three-course program that allows any undergraduate student to focus on their major as it applies to entrepreneurship.

This 2021-22 school year, 29 students graduated from the program, further propelling that Utah-startup-strength that we love. Sasha Singh, one of the students who completed the Lassonde+X program this year, said, “This was such an enriching program, one that has taught me many skills. It really all started with the simple question of why would anyone be interested in what you create? I learned about creating value in the society we live in, analyzing audiences’ needs, developing a portfolio, and also networking and connecting with other brilliant entrepreneurs.”

Silicon Slopes loves to see that entrepreneurial spirit burning bright in the eyes of Lassonde grads, and the new Lassonde+X program aligns an academic major with entrepreneurship to create students who are innovative, ready, and eager to solve problems.

To learn more about the Lassonde+X program and see a full list of graduates, click here. Congrats grads!

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