99Artisans offers freelancers a free market for their skills

There is a war currently being waged on the $400 billion e-commerce market, according to The New York Times. 99Artisans is a Provo-based startup that helps professionals in the area connect with people who searching for service providers. It’s offering a completely free platform in order to compete in the market. Priya Jupudi, the founder and CEO of 99Artisans, created the website to support local professionals who were having trouble finding work opportunities.

There wasn’t a truly free platform to get quotes from local professionals, and then there was the problem of calling everyone on the list to get a competitive quote. Our goal is to simplify hiring by providing free tools for people to collaborate with local professionals and get things done easily said the company in a statement.

99Artisans is privately funded and is driven primarily through word of mouth, without any marketing budget. The company plans to continue rolling out their service to the 10 most populated cities in each state in the U.S. 99Artisans plans to expand into smaller markets as their memberships increase.

By Jordan Phelps

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