Causality Link And Accuracy Announce Partnership

Utah-based Causality Link and Paris-based international advisory firm Accuracy have announced a partnership agreement that will boost both businesses. The co-founder and CEO of Causality Link, Pierre Haren, is French-born but has lived in Utah since 2009. Pierre has extensive experience in AI, having cofounded ILOG in 1987, when things like AI were very new. ILOG was taken public in 1997, only the third French company to be listed on NASDAQ, and then acquired by IBM in 2008 and where the tech platform is still sold today.

After working with IBM for six years, Pierre cofounded Causality Link in 2016. If you're like me, the concept of AI is a little bit abstract, so when I read that "Causality Link uses AI and NLP," I'm a little lost. But Pierre knows exactly what that means and how it works to make our lives easier. Causality Link says:

Causality Link’s AI-powered platform collects millions of documents in real-time to find explicit cause-and-effect statements relating indicators and events that only humans can make. This model of the forces acting on the financial world aggregates the knowledge of thousands of authors into a single deductive system. Combining these causal links with predictive analytics provides valuable insights and forecasts on companies, industries and macroeconomic topics that cannot be generated with traditional data and sentiment.

When the concept of Causality Link came, Pierre was venting frustrations from work to his friend Eric Jensen, who would later become a cofounder. Eric had a similar frustration with his morning news intake. Both knew that they could build a system that would read and create an evolving model to represent things that fluctuate and affect the business world at large: companies, governments, exchange rates, commodities.

Although the technology wasn't quite there yet, they got there quickly. As of today, Causality Link has raised $9.5 million dollars and are in full sales mode. Causality Link AI reads over 120 millions texts in 27 languages which are automatically translated and then extracts causal relationships—or causal links, get it?

For example, if I run a dog food company, I would want to know what's happening in the market that deals with the ingredients I source, the country that manufactures my packaging, and maybe what's happening in the world of dogs. Causality Link goes in and finds correlating info and gives it to me in a quick format with a 360-degree view.

The software is ultra useful for many different industries, and the partnership with Accuracy helps move things forward at a faster pace. In a recent press release, Pierre said, "The unique expertise of Accuracy consultants is complemented by a remarkable in-house team of data scientists who are leveraging the real-time data lake of Causality Link. I am particularly eager to demonstrate the new strategic angle and the advantages that Causality Link will provide. Through this mutually beneficial partnership, strategic advice will soon be delivered with customized dashboards, demonstrating the power of real-time collective intelligence."

Causality Link has room to grow, and Utah's Silicon Slopes is the perfect place for that. "We love Utah," says Pierre. "Our heart is in Utah, our brain is in Utah, and we are fans of the future of Silicon Slopes."

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