Henry Samueli: Technology Empowers the World’s Great Innovators

The following is a summary of an article written by Henry Samueli, Broadcom Co-founder and Chairman of the Board.

Henry Samueli, Co-founder of Broadcom, recently shared his experience speaking at Silicon Slopes Summit on Broadcom's company blog. According to Samueli, because of Broadcom's presence in Utah—over 250 professionals in the Beehive State—and Broadcom's focus on innovation and technology, speaking at Summit was a "perfect fit."

In his discussion with Silicon Slopes' CEO and Co-founder, Clint Betts, Samueli shared his accidental entrepreneurial journey co-founding Broadcom Corporation. Henry Samueli, a faculty member in UCLA's electrical engineering school at the time, helped his research group develop broadband communications chip design knowhow which became the foundational elements that helped create Broadcom Corporation and would eventually lead to the corporation being acquired by Avago Technologies. Today, Broadcom Corporation—now called Broadcom Inc—is a major supplier of broadband semiconductors and a leading supplier of infrastructure software.

Henry Samueli (left) Broadcom Co-founder and Chairman of the Board and Clint Betts (right), Silicon Slopes CEO and Co-founder at Silicon Slopes SUMMIT 2022

Earlier this year, Broadcom announced the Wi-Fi 7 chipsets projected to hit the market later this year. According to Samueli, "Wi-Fi 7 is amazing, exciting technology—it's the most powerful Wi-Fi standard yet, unlocking new wireless experiences that will change the way people live, work, and play." With Wi-Fi 7, users can expect the following benefits:

  • Double the bandwidth of the current state-of-the-art Wi-Fi chipsets
  • Expanded unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum in the 6 GHz band the FCC released in 2020
  • Greater speed, reduced latency, higher reliability, and extended range
  • 8K/16K video streaming, real-time collaboration, wireless gaming, and immersive augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)

In addition to its broadband leadership, Broadcom has also made the decision to acquire CA Technologies in 2018 and Symantec Enterprise Security in 2019. These acquisitions have helped expand Broadcom's infrastructure technology portfolio to include mainframe and endpoint/payment security software, ultimately creating additional value for its customers through improved product development.

To further expand Broadcom's product development, Broadcom announced its intent to acquire VMware, a software company that helps large-scale enterprises build their own cloud environments on premises. Once the acquisition is finalized, Samueli states:

"Broadcom will support VMware by making it part of our broader, diversified infrastructure software portfolio. Together, we will accelerate VMware's growth and momentum in the multi-cloud ecosystem, which in turn will help move our customers' business forward. By investing and innovating in infrastructure software and VMware products, we will bring our customers greater flexibility and choice in how they manage their data, and deliver the multi-cloud dream they subscribed to."

Broadcom's and Utah's shared commitment for continual innovation has helped both the company and the state become leaders in tech, ultimately illustrating Samueli's idea of a "perfect fit."

Read the full blog post here.

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