M&P Ep. 109: Brett Greenwell, America First Credit Union

Are you looking for a new way to support Silicon Slopes and the startup community? America First Credit Union recently launched a new credit card to help customers support startup tech companies and their innovations.

The Silicon Slopes America First credit card went live on May 10, 2021 and, according to Tyler Metzel, Manager in Corporate Partnerships Department, it gives customers a unique way to contribute to their community and empowers entrepreneurs in the tech and startup communities.

Instead of solely giving cash back to its customers for purchases, the credit card also helps customers give back to their community. Users will still get 1% cash back on every purchase, but America First will then contribute an additional 0.5% of each purchase to the Silicon Slopes Startup Alliance Fund. Each of these contributions provide funding to the local tech community. Cash back for users PLUS helping the startup community? It's definitely a win-win for all.

These funds that are contributed to the Silicon Slopes Startup Alliance Fund will be distributed annually and will enable entrepreneurs to pursue their innovative goals. In addition, 100% of the credit card’s $50.00 annual fee will be contributed to the Silicon Slopes Startup Alliance Fund, helping expand business opportunities from Logan all the way to St. George.

Tyler shared that America First Credit Union created the Silicon Slopes Visa ® credit card in order to create a unique partnership with Silicon Slopes and to make it easier for people to help build Utah's startup economy. The card helps America First and Silicon Slopes combine their efforts, along with the efforts of their customers, to support entrepreneurs in Utah.

Here are just a few of the benefits offered by the Silicon Slopes Visa ® Credit Card:

  • Card Guard ® mobile security
  • Identity theft recovery services
  • EMV chip technology
  • Travel and accident insurance
  • Global acceptance

To learn more about this unique card and to apply for your own Silicon Slopes Visa® credit card, click here.

Written by Sarah Hebertson

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