Fiddle: Moving From Spreadsheets to Software

In 2018, Morgan Gilliam was busy working hard in an industry he enjoyed. At the same time, Ken Ojuka, Morgan’s college friend who played soccer with him at BYU, was approached by Intermountain Nutrition and Cosmetics – they needed a new, up-to-date software to track inventory, purchases, and production.

Ken went for it, and seeing that this software had great potential to become its own company, he asked Morgan to join him in his venture. Morgan had experienced and felt the pain of trying to source product, get product made, and track product while working in the sports industry, and Ken’s new software idea intrigued Morgan. He decided to make the leap to a completely different industry – he left sports management, sold his products, and became the co-founder of Fiddle – a company that created modern software to “Track real-time inventory, improve supplier and PO interaction, and streamline the entire production process.” (Fiddle)

“Fiddle is a great tool for those who deal with products instead of living in spreadsheets and doing manual entries,” says Morgan. Since Fiddle is 100% web based, users can access this software anywhere with their computer or phone.

Fiddle is particularly useful for inventory managers, purchasing managers, sales personnel, and production teams. Morgan states that at Fiddle, “We do more than just track inventory; we help you get insight into the whole workflow and operations.” Fiddle helps brands and manufacturers stay on top of their inventory, purchases, and operational costs on one simple platform.

At the end of 2020, Fiddle closed a seed round of $600K. Prior to this funding, Fiddle consisted of Ken, Morgan, and four programmers. The seed round enabled Fiddle to hire more employees and market their company appropriately. Fiddle is currently being used by medium sized businesses throughout the United States with revenues of $1-20 million. With a great trajectory going forward, Fiddle has plans to expand to international businesses in 2022.

Every Fiddle plan comes with the following features:

  • Real time inventory visibility
  • Traceability and batch tracking
  • Product costing
  • Purchase order management
  • Production tracking
  • Scan App

Additionally, Fiddle just released a free database of suppliers and co-packers – those who make products in the food and beverage industry. This database is extremely helpful for any businesses in Utah wanting to expand their list of suppliers and co-packers. In addition, any manufacturer can add their contact information to this list for free by clicking here and filling out the form. To learn more about Fiddle and their innovative software, visit

Written by Sarah Hebertson

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