Ancestry Acquires Geneanet

With more than 30 billion records in over 80 countries, family history giant Ancestry is reaching out to the corners of the world.  

Based in Lehi, Utah, Ancestry is not only growing, but in the process of doing so is also acquiring. Ancestry has announced the acquisition of leading French genealogy company Geneanet, who, on its own, has over 4 million users in Europe with that number steadily growing.

Although Geneanet will continue to operate independently within the Ancestry portfolio, both companies have hopes to continue to grow a global community of users.

"Our members will greatly benefit from Ancestry’s vast record collections and global network as they build their family trees and connect with new relatives and share their family stories,” said Jacques Le Marois, Founder and CEO of Geneanet in a recent press release. “I am delighted to build the next chapter together and look forward to the opportunity to play an active role in the company’s future.”

With 30-plus years under their belt, Ancestry has helped connect millions of users with a vast network and innovative platform. With DNA technology and other genealogy companies in their corner, Ancestry is ready to leave no stone unturned.  

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