Beehive Startups to Officially Launch at Startup Weekend Ogden

Always. Be. Launching.

We’re excited to announce Beehive Startups will officially launch at Startup Weekend Ogden this weekend.

As the Beehive State’s startup ecosystem continues to thrive, we believe there’s a growing need for a daily news website devoted to covering those who are committed to building high-quality products and successful companies here in Utah.

We plan to embed ourselves within the community to highlight awesome startup companies, report Utah business and startup news, and conduct in-depth interviews with Utah’s most exciting entrepreneurs about their latest ventures, past failures, and greatest achievements.

We also want to hear from you, our readers. We’d love for Beehive Startups to become a venue for Utah entrepreneurs to share their wisdom, opinions, and advice by writing guest columns targeted to like-minded individuals within the Utah startup community.

This site may very well become an invaluable networking tool for our readers — something we’re more than happy to help facilitate. Any Utah entrepreneur wishing to contribute a story, quote, photo, video, or audio clip to Beehive Startups can easily do so by scrolling down to our footer, clicking on one of the options under CONTRIBUTE, and submitting your content.

We’ve put a lot of thought, effort, and time into the creation of this website — a website that would have never happened if not for the incredibly talented developers and designers at Izeni, a custom software development firm located in Provo, Utah; and (full disclosure) our solitary founding sponsor. (Our goal is to get more sponsors as soon as possible to become a truly community-driven startup news site — but we’re not there yet.)

For now, let us just say we’re enthusiastic about the future of Beehive Startups, and, more importantly, the startup community here in the great State of Utah. We hope you’ll join us in the months and years ahead as we embark on what we fully expect to be a fascinating journey.

What will we be building with our fellow entreneprenuers at Startup Weekend? We won’t divulge yet, but we’ll hint that it’s a cool new feature to the site that should make it fairly trivial for us to get good, interesting, original startup content in a unique, interesting, and streamlined way.

Stay tuned.

Published 11/21/2013

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