Bring the $3M Bacon

Do you have a business that requires shifts? Maybe you're a shift worker. Or maybe you're a "nine-to-fiver" that needs a little extra cash. Bacon to the rescue.

Provo, Utah-based Bacon is a gig-economony centered app that gets rid of traditional, antiquated temp agencies and lets users pick up shifts whenever they need the work. It also allows companies with shift workers to hire reliable, quality workers to cover a shift when something unexpected comes up.

Bacon is boomin, and has announced the closure of an initial investment round of $3 million, offered by Hall Venture Partners in Provo.

“The initial funding is helping us accelerate our growth in Utah and Texas and will eventually allow us to expand nationwide,” said Hunter Sebresos, Bacon CEO in a press release. “This is a tremendous opportunity for meeting the huge needs in the thriving gig economy.”

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