Techcyte Closes $21M in Funding

In the world of Artificial Intelligence, the possibilities are truly endless, and when it comes to the field of medicine, the needs are much the same.

Techcyte, based in Orem, Utah, is a software platform that uses AI to help labs and clinics process slides and analyze images quickly and efficiently.

Techcyte is so revolutionary, in fact, that global animal-health company Zoetis took notice, which is why Techcyte has announced a $21 million funding round with Zoetis, ARUP Laboratories, and investors from earlier rounds.

The funding will help Techcyte to "...continue to grow its veterinary business and accelerate commercialization in the human market." (See the full press release here.)

The Techcyte pathology platform is already HIPAA compliant, and the company plans to submit a clinical validation study to the FDA later this year.

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