Carry On Foundation Empowers Utah Youth Through Mental Resilience and Skateboarding

Carry On Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Thread, combines mental resilience lessons with skateboarding to empower children. The program, catering to Utah kids aged 4 to 18, aims to teach resilience skills and promote mental health through action sports and outdoor recreation.

The structured skateboarding lessons are located at Carry On's Provo facility, which will eventually become part of the new Thread headquarters campus. The Foundation provides a platform for teaching mindset work, breathing exercises, self-talk strategies, and mindfulness to participating youth. The program's Skate Program Director, Dave Lowery, emphasizes deliberate practice and incorporates four pillars of resilience: confidence, competence, connection, and character. Each session combines classroom learning with practical application on the skateboard, enabling participants to develop life skills and mental strength.

Thread CEO and Carry On Co-Founder, Colby Bauer, described his personal journey that inspired the creation of Carry On Foundation. Drawing from his own experiences with a challenging childhood and his battles with anxiety, Colby recognized the need for proactive mental health support for young individuals facing similar struggles. The program originated as a marketing campaign at Thread, promoting relentless progression and triumph over adversity during difficult times. Colby and his wife, McKenzie, felt compelled to give back to the community and embarked on a mission to equip children with mental skills and education to navigate life's inevitable traumas and trials.

Carry On Foundation, operating for nine months, envisions a future beyond its current offerings. Colby aspires to establish community-based campuses, expanding into other action sports such as surfing, snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, and mountain biking. The goal is to create safe and inviting spaces for youth to engage in physical activities while building mental resilience.

Looking ahead, Carry On aims to open a second location in Utah and eventually expand globally. Carry On emphasizes that mental health is crucial for everyone, necessitating practice and tools for well-being. Carry On also aims to continue to be more involved in the Utah business community. Just last month, Carry On partnered with Kizik for Mental Health Awareness Month. You can find Kizik's blog post here.

As the foundation continues to grow, its impact on the lives of young individuals and the community promises to be substantial. Mental health support, paired with the power of skateboarding, sets Carry On Foundation apart, providing a pathway for Utah's youth to develop resilience, face challenges, and carry on with strength and hope.

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