Utah Community Builders Release Family-friendly Workplace Guide

Last month, Utah Community Builders, in collaboration with the Salt Lake Chamber, United Way of Salt Lake, and Voices for Utah Children, introduced a new resource guide called "Family-Friendly Workplaces: A Guide for Utah Business Leaders."

The guide aims to provide valuable information, best practices, and actionable steps for businesses to enhance their culture and leadership in terms of supporting child care for employees. By addressing the intersection of child care, employee wellness, retention, and upward mobility, the private sector can have a positive impact on Utah's workforce.

The guide was unveiled during an event on May 4th where business and community leaders discussed the strategies and their potential to improve workforce participation, culture, and opportunities. The event featured notable speakers such as Derek Miller (President & CEO, Salt Lake Chamber), Bill Crim (President & CEO, United Way of Salt Lake), Moe Hickey (Executive Director, Voices for Utah Children), and Cyndi Tetro (CEO of Brandless & President, Women Tech Council).

The Utah Community Builders is a nonprofit social impact foundation of the Salt Lake Chamber, working to address social issues affecting businesses, workforce, families, and all Utahns. The Salt Lake Chamber, established in 1887, is Utah's largest and oldest business association, representing the interests of over 63,000 employers throughout the state.

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