Cicero Appoints Jason Richards As Senior Partner

Silicon Slopes-based Cicero has officially announced Jason Richards as its newest Senior Partner. Cicero holds a global reputation for driving performance improvement and catalyzing change across diverse sectors both public and privatewith an impressive background and a wealth of experience in strategy development and transformation, Jason is poised to bring substantial knowledge to the firm's endeavors.

In his capacity as Senior Partner, Jason Richards will harness his industry acumen to spearhead strategy and transformation projects. His proficiencies span an array of domains: change management, sales operations, process enhancement, supply chain oversight, customer lifecycle optimization, and risk mitigation. Jason boasts a proven record of delivering impactful solutions to a diverse clientele encompassing logistics, government, social impact, energy, financial services, digital marketing, and technology.

Before joining Cicero, Jason served as the Executive Director at sPower’s Sustainable Power Group, presiding over the company's sales and marketing endeavors. Reporting directly to the CEO, he adeptly sourced and secured private equity deals for the company's portfolio. Moreover, Jason exhibited astute oversight of renewable energy assets in the South Pacific and Intermountain regions, while concurrently managing information systems, public relations, and community outreach initiatives.

Preceding his role at sPower, Jason held the pivotal position of Business Development Head at CLEARLINK, steering customer acquisitions for prominent media entities in television, radio, and satellite. His tenure as Business Operations Manager at Progrexion further showcased his skills, wherein he adeptly managed affiliate liaisons and operational facets of the marketing division.

Said Randy Shumway, CEO and Founder of Cicero, "We are thrilled to welcome Jason Richards as our newest Senior Partner at Cicero. With his extensive expertise in strategy development and transformation, Jason will play a vital role in driving our business forward and delivering exceptional value to our clients. His diverse skillset and deep industry insights will further strengthen our position as a leading management consulting firm, enabling us to navigate complex challenges, and seize emerging opportunities. We look forward to the impactful contributions Jason will make as we continue to deliver innovative solutions that drive success for Fortune 500 companies across various industries."

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