Clarus Buys the Buildings Housing its Barnes Bullets Subsidiary for $9.5 Million

In an effort to strengthen its presence in Utah, Clarus (NasdaqGS:CLAR) recently acquired the headquarters buildings of housing its Barnes Bullets subsidiary in Mona, Utah.

According to the company news release, Salt Lake City-based Clarus spent $9.5 million to acquire the headquarters and production facilities in Mona.

A bullet technology and innovation brand, Barnes customers are primarily

  1. Hunters,
  2. Range shooters,
  3. Military/Armed forces members, and
  4. Law Enforcement professionals.

Barnes is one of six Clarus brands, each of which has attracted unique core audiences:

According to Clarus President, John Walbrecht,

"We are deeply committed to not only growing our portfolio of 'super-fan' brands, but also investing in the people and places that make our brands who they are today. We are thrilled to further solidify our presence in the great state of Utah."

PUBLISHER'S NOTE:  This marks the first article written for Silicon Slopes by one of our newest Contributors, Mikaela Cook. We hope you like it.

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