DevMountain Launches Full-Time BootCamp to Keep Up With Demand

“The demand for what we’re doing has just been increasing.”

After recently hiring two graduates of the renowned software development bootcamp Hack Reactor, DevMountain is announcing today it will now offer its first-ever full-time coding bootcamp beginning this fall.

Tuition for the full-time bootcamp will cost students $7,900. The course will last 12 weeks and students are expected to adhere to a Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule. Free housing over the course of the 12 weeks will be available to students who enroll in the full-time course.

DevMountain will launch its inaugural full-time course at the Camp 4 building in Provo, Utah.

“We’re basically going to take over the whole second floor of Camp 4 and make it hacker central,” DevMountain founder and CEO Cahlan Sharp told Beehive Startups in a recent interview.

Until now, DevMountain has differentiated itself from other coding schools in Utah by offering a part-time course that worked around its students’ schedules. But according to Sharp, the calls for a full-time school had begun to reach a fever pitch, which led to this change in the company’s strategy.

“The demand for what we’re doing has just been increasing,” Sharp said. “We were finding it difficult to segment between people who are there just kind of casually because they want to learn how to code but they don’t necessarily want to commit themselves 100 percent to it, and the people who are really committed and want to turn this into a career. It’s hard to fit all those people in the same funnel and give them all the same educational experience. By going full-time, we’re committed to giving our students as much education as we can give them so they can be successful once they graduate.”

The Provo-based coding school will market its new full-time course to potential students in Utah and beyond.

“We’re going to market it everywhere, all across the country, because we think we have a unique advantage being that Utah is one of the cheapest places to do business,” Sharp said.

Just as it did with its part-time course, DevMountain will continue to focus on teaching students the fundamentals of JavaScript, as well as HTML, CSS, jQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, MySQL, Mongodb, and Firebase.

“You’re there from 9–5, but probably longer. It’s every day, all day for 12 weeks. We can just dive a lot deeper into the curriculum, and provide a lot more exposure, mentorship, and practice,” Sharp said.

“We’re trying to take the amount of course hours we were able to give students in the part-time class and essentially double or triple it so that we can get people a lot further along in the development process.”

Published 7/8/2014

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