DevPoint Labs Holds Launch Day, Graduates 18 Developers

I’m now a developer and it’s changed my life.

DevPoint Labs, a Utah-based 11-week coding bootcamp, held their Launch Day event Friday afternoon at the Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City.

“I’m now a developer and it’s changed my life,” said the event’s MC, Joey Ferguson, who was also a member of the coding bootcamp’s inauguaral class.

In total, 18 developers graduated from DevPoint Labs’s Winter 2013 Cohort. Recruiters from several local companies were in attendance, hoping to find a graduate to add to their dev team.

RedditGifts founder Dan McComas delivered the keynote address.

“Success is relative to your goals,” said McComas. “Contrary to what the media wants you to believe, success is not in billion dollar exits.”

He implored the graduates to embrace fear, to be working even when they’re not at work, and encouraged them to continue to learn and grow their skill-set. He concluded his speech with a plea for more diversity within Utah’s tech community.

“What we need in our community is diversity,” said McComas.

After McComas spoke, students broke into different groups and pitched the projects they had been working on throughout the course. Once the pitches were over, recruiters and attendees were encouraged to meet with the students to learn more about their projects and what they learned as a student at DevPoint Labs.

Those interested in learning more about DevPoint Labs, or submitting an application for their next 11-week course, can do so by visiting the coding bootcamp’s website.

Published 3/28/2014

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