Utah Startup Weave Receives Top 8 Ranking at Y Combinator Demo Day

TechCrunch picked Weave as one of the top eight startups to come out of the accelerator’s most recent class.

After speaking with top investors at Y Combinator’s Winter 2014 Demo Day, TechCrunch picked Weave as one of the top eight startups to come out of the accelerator’s most recent class.

Weave’s software allows a dental practice to integrate their phone service with their practice management software, allowing the dental office to accomplish more tasks in less time. (Read our profile story on Weave.)

Here’s TechCrunch on why they picked Weave:

Weave is a telephone service that better connects patients and their medical providers. Going to the dentist is roughly as fun as, well, going to the dentist. The company wants to make that better by helping dentists keep track of their patient information, and needs, integrating that into their communications system. When you call, the receptionist instantly sees your profile connected to your phone number. This way they don’t have to put you on hold, they can instantly see info about your past visits, and they can even spot revenue opportunities like that your spouse hasn’t had a teeth cleaning in two years (eww).

Before Y Combinator, Weave had yearly recurring revenue of $790,000. Post Y Combinator, that figure is now $1.8 million, up 38 percent per month during the period. Weave picked dentists to start because they are wealthy and low on regulation. The product will scale into other health verticals. Weave charges $300 per month per location for its service. There are 190,000 dental offices in North America, indicating that its addressable market is quite large. And Weave is determined to scale its system to other health verticals, making medical care better and friendlier across the board.

Published 3/27/2014

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