EdTech Campfire Lands $2.5 Million Seed Round of Funding

Add Campfire to your growing list of Education Technology firms HQ'd in the land of Silicon Slopes.

And while you're at it, chalk 'em up as being another firm that's landed funding.

In this case, Lehi, Utah-based Campfire just closed  a $2.5 million round of Seed Funding led by what, Co-Founder and CEO Steve Arntz calls an "impressive syndicate" of investors.

Logo snagged from the Campfire website.

Leading the funding round was Sepio Capital, with other participants including Cottonwood Heights, Utah-based Kickstart, and a raft of individual EdTech industry investors, many with ties to Utah.

As part of the funding agreement, Sepio's Director of VC/PE, Mitch Rencher, has joined the Campfire Board of Directors.

NOTE: San Francisco, California-based Sepio recently opened an office in Cottonwood Heights.

Working from its HQ at Kiln Lehi, Campfire is developing what Arntz describes as a scalable platform that will drive Discussion-centered Learning Systems ... you know, like discussions around a campfire, except that the discussions are centered around learning.

Arntz says Campfire is already working with such Utah clients as

  • Homie,
  • Owlet, and
  • Weave

among others.

So ... from Silicon Slopes' HQ to the Campfire HQ just down the road, congrats on the funding round.

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