FinTech Atomic FI Closes $22 Million Series A Round of Funding

Utah's growing role in the FinTech arena continues unabated as Atomic FI has just closed a $22 million round of Series A funding.

According to its news release, Salt Lake City-based Atomic's financing was led by Core Innovation Capital, with participation with existing investors Portag3 Ventures and Greylock Capital Management.

In total, Atomic has raised over $38 million.

Atomic's release explains that the company is focused on building

"... a new generation of bank accounts and transform banking applications into consumer-centric platforms."

Already this Financial Technology firm is reaching over 1.5 million consumers monthly through such FinTech partners as

  • Bond,
  • Coinbase,
  • Dave,
  • Propel,
  • Klover,
  • Lendtable,
  • MX,
  • Unfimoney, and
  • Welcome Tech.

According to Wright,

"We created Atomic to help the most financially vulnerable members of our society access transparent financial services that they can trust."
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