Updates to One Utah Roadmap

Gov. Cox and Lt. Gov. Deidre M. Henderson have made some updates to the "One Utah Roadmap" to refine and reset priorities for the future.

According to the article, version 2 of Utah's Roadmap will include changes in the following categories:

Economic advancement. Version 2 will focus on "restructuring state business incentives to line up with strategic economic objectives."  

Education. "We'll push to address funding disparities between school districts and continue to work toward clarifying roles in educating governance."

Rural issues. These updates will develop a "long-term comprehensive plan for water conservation, storage, and optimization."

Health security. The updates to One Utah Roadmap will improve the transparency of healthcare costs.

Equity and opportunity. "We’ll continue to broaden access to Utah boards and commissions for historically underrepresented groups including women, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals."

State government efficiency. The government will be more responsive and accessible by providing a more improved customer experience.

Gov. Cox shared the following statement regarding Version 2:

"Roadmap Version 2 will keep us moving forward in ways that are both ambitious and accountable. As leaders, we’ll continue to think big and innovate for the benefit of all Utahns.”

Click here to see the new version of the One Utah Roadmap with the updates.

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