PEOPLE NEWS: InMoment, LifeVantage, and Purple

There's a new Chief People Officer in town, and if you've never heard of that position, you're probably not the only one. Here are the new hires in the hive:

Purple Innovation, Inc. has announced Jack Roddy as Chief People Officer. What is that, you ask? Roddy will be in charge of maintaining the values of the company and maximizing employee potential there. It's HR to the next level, and Roddy is ready for the task with over 25 years in human resources and organization development.

LifeVantage Corporation announced the appointment of Carl Aure as Chief Financial Officer. Aure comes with over 15 years experience in the direst selling industry, most recently from New Age, Inc., a social selling company.

LifeVantage is a nutrigenomics company with extensive care a research put into their line of scientifically-validated dietary supplements.

InMoment, the South Jordan, Utah-based XI leader, has announced Mehul Nagrani as General Manager, AI Product & Technology. Nagrani's knowledge with Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes him the prime choice for an ever-changing CX focused world.

Before joining InMoment, Nagrani was founder and former CEO of Fokal AI, an AI automation company and platform for ML applications.

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