Gov. Cox Applauds dōTERRA Efforts to Safeguard Utah Kids

One million hand-sanitizers ain't nothing, and that's the number of On Guard Hand Sanitizing Wipe packages that dōTERRA is donating to the State of Utah to help safeguard local students and teachers.

Single doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Wipe package. Photo by the author, 28 September 2021.

Pleasant Grove, Utah-based dōTERRA made the announcement yesterday afternoon at its 270,000-square-foot Fulfillment Center in Lindon.

Headlining the event was dōTERRA Founding Executive, Emily Wright, and Utah Governor Spencer Cox.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox delivering remarks at the dōTERRA Fulfillment Center in Lindon, Utah. Photo by the author, 28 August 2021

According to the company news release, dōTERRA is partnering with the Utah State Board of Education to manage the distribution of the wipes, with 200,ooo units apiece slated for the Canyons, Davis, Granite, and Jordan school districts, respectively. {According to a company spokesman, the remaining 200K units will be distributed throughout the state at the discretion of the Utah State Board of Education.}

"We appreciate the opportunity to partner with the State on promoting clean hands and making our schools a little bit safer," Wright said.

At over 70,000 K-12 students, Davis School District is one of the 75 largest districts in the United States and the second largest in Utah. By comparison,

  • Granite has over 67K students,
  • Jordan has over 56K students, and
  • Canyons has over 34K students.

dōTERRA 's biodegradable, 5x7-inch On Guard Sanitizing Wipes are suffused with 70% ethyl alcohol as the antiseptic, with a blend of eucalyptus, wild orange, clove, cinnamon, and rosemary essential oils that the company writes will "... release a warm, spicy, and woody scent creating an aromatic experience when using the wipes."

To be honest, they're the nicest-smelling hand wipes I've ever used. (The author)

In the video below, Founding Exec Wright explains the reason behind the company's donation.

dōTERRA Founding Executive, Emily Wright, delivering remarks at the company's fulfillment center in Lindon, Utah on 27 August 2021. Video by the author.

According to the company, the retail value of the donation is over $700,000.

Click on the link in this sentence for more information about dōTERRA's On Guard Hand Sanitizing Wipes.

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