Sarcos Shares Began Trading Today on Nasdaq

It's now official. Sarcos Technology and Robotics' shares began trading today on Wall Street (NasdaqGM:STRC) today, opening at $9.99 but closing at $9.10/share.

In aftermarket trading, Salt Lake City-based Sarcos shares had traded up to $9.80/share (as of the publish time of this article).

Additionally, Sarcos warrants (NasdaqGM:STRCW) opened at $1.26/warrant before closing at $1.12/warrant.

As reported nearly two weeks ago, Sarcos shareholders voted to merge with Rotor Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded Special Purpose Acquisition Company (aka, a SPAC) to become a publicly traded company post-merger.

For a bit more flavor into what makes Sarcos tick and where the company is going, you might find this write-up of an interview its CEO (Ben Wolff) had with Boardroom Alpha* quite interesting.

Case in point, Wolff expected Sarcos would

  • be sitting on close to $500 million post-merger,
  • only need $140 million to reach profitability (without developing any new products, and would
  • carry a market capitalization of $1.6 billion post-IPO.

Sounds like this could be a very interesting company to pay attention to in the years ahead.

* NOTE:  The interview noted above was conducted on September 9, 2021 with Boardroom Alpha, distributed via hyperlink by Sarcos to a direct mail list on September 13, and filed the same day with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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