Gov. Cox Launches Statewide Water-Wise Landscaping Incentive Program

We all know how sad our lawns and yards were when water was restricted last year during the hot summer draught-fraught months. Rolling out on May 1, the state of Utah has responded with a plan to help water stay where we need it.

The nation's first statewide water-wise landscaping incentive program will award $3 per square foot to replace water-hungry grass with landscaping that doesn't require as much water. Details for what does and does not qualify for the incentive program can be found at as well as Utah DNR, but basically removing grass and replacing it with 50 percent plant coverage makes you eligible.

“It’s a fun campaign on a serious topic,” said Gov. Cox in a recent press release. “Replacing grass that is only walked on when it’s mowed with water-wise plants, trees and shrubs decreases maintenance and reduces water use, which will help sustain our expanding economy and protect our environment.”

In addition to the rollout of the water-wise program, a “Grass Doesn’t Belong Everywhere” marketing campaign will also be launched, featuring Gov. Cox as well as others.

Putting in a pickleball court? You qualify. Adding turf rather than lawn? You're in! Live where you've got an HOA, no worries, you're good. With Utah's growth and desert climate, we're working one yard at a time to make sure there's enough water to go around. So stop spending time mowing that lawn and get your incentive today.

For more information or to apply for incentive, visit

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