GuideCX Closes $25 Million Series B Round of Funding

The monies are designed to boost the firm's role as the global leader in Customer Onboarding and Customer Implementation services for its SaaS clients.

If you're the head of customer service for an online software company, what happens if you can chop in half the time it takes to get new clients up and running with your service?

Exactly. A whole bunch of good things, right? Like happier clients, higher and better use of your software, fewer support calls, and probably, increased revenue.

Turns out that this is exactly what Draper, Utah-based GuideCX is all about:

  • Improving Customer Onboarding, and
  • Customer Implementation.

According to G2, one of the top independent market research firms in the world, GuideCX is the best in the world at doing these things.

And not just according to G2, but according to GuideCX's customers (and the customers of its competitors), because that's how G2 ranks products and services in the industries it covers.

{To be clear, Customer Onboarding and Customer Implementation are actually different. The first refers to getting consumers to begin using a product, whereas the latter means getting those same consumers to use more and more of the different features of that same product.}

Money Flows Where Money is Going

No wonder then that GuideCX just closed a $25 million Series B round of funding to help accelerate its growth in this Customer Onboarding marketplace.

According to the news release announcing the influx of cash, the GuideCX funding was led by Palo Alto, California-based Meritech Capital Partners, with five Utah-based firms also participating in the round:

  1. Album VC,
  2. Epic Ventures,
  3. Orchard Ventures,
  4. Mercato Partners' Prelude Fund, and
  5. Sorenson Capital.

According to the GuideCX website, its clients are seeing an average 49% reduction in onboarding when they use the GuideCX platform.

And the G2 end-user reviews for Winter 2022 ranked GuideCX No. 1 in three categories:

  • Leader for Client Onboarding and Project Management;
  • Best Relationship for Client Onboarding and Project Management; and
  • Best Support for Client Onboarding.
Image captured from the GuideCX website 3 February 2022.

According to Meritech's Paul Madera, Co-Founder and General Partner:

“What excites us most about GuideCX is their management team’s focus on enabling faster and higher-satisfaction customer onboarding. During our conversations with GuideCX users, we consistently heard that GuideCX is best in class at improved implementations of new programs with better visibility, understanding and coordination. We are convinced this is a very large market opportunity, and GuideCX is the leader.”

And as CEO and Founder, Peter Ord explains below, the GuideCX team will not be satisfied until it can reach the 100% mark.

GuideCX video downloaded from Vimeo 3 February 2022.

Congrats to GuideCX for its initial success and the new funding.

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