Has Harmon Brothers Done It Again?

The Provo, Utah-based social media ad agency, Harmon Brothers, is shooting for digital gold once again with a newly launched campaign titled:

"Run your world without runs in your tights."

Created for client Sheertex, makers of what it describes as tights that are "unbreakable in human hands," the campaign launched with a three-minute, tongue-in-cheek yet informative video that is looking to replicate some of the past engagement and video views Harmon Brothers produced for clients like Squatty Potty, Purple, and others.  

According to the news release from Harmon Brothers announcing this new video campaign, Sheertex has the top-rated tights by Vogue magazine, while also being named one of TIME magazine's best inventions.

So ... the question is this: Does this video hit the mark as past Harmon Brothers videos have?

You tell us:

Harmon Brothers video for Sheertex downloaded from YouTube 1 December 2021.
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