Hivewire Gets $7MM in Seed Funding

If you own a business you're probably implementing new systems and protocols all the time. The process of deciding on a new system or software can be arduous in itself, but the onboarding process can be even more stressful. What to do when the system you're trying to fix seems easier than the onboarding process? Hivewire.

The Hivewire platform allows users to customize and automate the onboarding experience, speeding up the process and getting to full implementation faster.

Hivewire has recently announced $7.25 million in seed funding in a round led by Pelion Venture Partners. Other investors include Peterson Ventures, Elevation Capital, Village Global, Signal Peak Ventures and angels investors including Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills and executives from local Utah tech companies, Qualtrics and Spiff.

Tanner Nordstrom, Chief Executive Officer at Hivewire said,

“Customer onboarding is the most overlooked portion of the customer journey. As a result, customer experience and time-to-value are compromised as teams struggle to manage implementation cycles in spreadsheets, generic task trackers or poorly-customized CRM fields. Other onboarding tools offer prescriptive methods that don’t account for the variations in workflows or the flexibility needed to scale these processes.”

Hivewire plans to put the seed money towards product development and to help push along the sales momentum they've had.

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