How Beynd Is Changing the Onboarding Process

Rarely, if ever, do I make a purchase on-line without knowing when and how I will be receiving my purchase. In fact, most consumer experiences today keep you completely up-to-date: on-line tracking for packages, a progress bar for your pizza delivery, even an on-line queue for your wait at a restaurant. So where are the steady updates for B2B products and services?

When comparing B2B experiences to B2C experiences, Peter Ord, Founder of Beynd, noticed the lack of transparency in the process. His frustrations with spreadsheets and never-ending email chains pushed him to create a solution.

Beynd is the only client onboarding and logistics tracking software that seamlessly combines workflow management, client communication, and document sharing into an all-in-one platform. This software facilitates a more transparent, customer-facing project management experience for all parties.

"We have these great experiences in our personal lives with products that we buy. However, then we go to our everyday jobs and buy products and services from other companies and we're sent thousands of emails, attachments, and spreadsheets," Ord explained. "There's no standardized process, unless a company builds their own product. But this is never a priority because it's not a revenue generating aspect of their business."

Beynd's mission is to make tracking projects as easy as tracking packages. It focuses on communicating three things elegantly and thoughtfully to its customer's customers: the view to the finish line, the deliverables required by all parties, and an education of what they purchased. "When you can give your customers a versatile, simple, and engaging way to fulfill their role in the onboarding process, you relieve the pressure and eliminate the frustration that comes from manually chasing them for what you need," Ord said.

Beynd recently announced a $2M Seed Round led by Peak Ventures with participation from Prelude Ventures. "We could not be more excited about Beynd's mission," said Diogo Myrrha from Peak Venture. "Peter experienced firsthand how streamlined onboarding accelerates sales."

"We created Beynd to help our customers provide an amazing experience during the most important stage of their own customers' life cycle: customer setup and implementation," Ord said. He emphasized that the customer experience is defined at the very start of the relationship and sets the tone for the future. "It's the reason people buy more or less products from you," Ord said. "We live in a world now where the customer experience is almost more important than the product itself."

Learn how Beynd can help you help your customers here.

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