SynergySuite Closes $6 Million Series A

SynergySuite, a cloud-based restaurant management platform, recently announced $6 million in Series A funding and named Greg Staley as CEO. The financing round was led by Chicago-based venture capital firm First Analysis with participation from Irish private equity firm Oyster Capital.

SynergySuite was founded in Dublin in 2011 by siblings Niall and Suzanne Keane. They saw first-hand how frustrating back-office restaurant technology was at the time and decided to come up with a solution. SynergySuite's software manages inventory, purchasing, recipe costing, food safety, scheduling, cash management, human resources, and business intelligence. It gives restaurant the tools they need to see what is happening in every location and optimize food and labor costs.

SynergySuite opened its U.S. headquarters in Lehi in 2018. Since then, the company has doubled in size to accommodate the demand from U.S. restaurants. With the new funding, SynergySuite will continue to focus on customer growth by expanding sales, marketing, implementation, and client success while also continuing product innovation.

"This funding will allow us to continue growing the best purpose-built back-of-house platform on the market. Restaurants are selecting SynergySuite because we offer the most comprehensive and powerful restaurant management product, paired with a world-class support team, and I'm looking forward to continuing our success," Staley said.

Learn more about SynergySuite here.

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