InMoment Acquires Lexalytics

South Jordan, Utah-based InMoment has announced the acquisition of Lexalytics, a cloud and on-premise natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) provider.

InMoment helps clients really get to the root of things- the needs of the customer and of the employee, as well the the needs of the business. Using technology helps the process exponentially, translating and managing data.

InMoment has worked to lead the industry in Experience Improvement (XI)™, understanding and processing the massive amounts of data surrounding customer and employee expectations and demands. Lexalytics brings over 20 years of experience that covers more than a simple survey, and provides analytic solutions for voice reviews, call center, chat logs, and more.

Lexalytics, who processes billions of words every day, combines with InMoment to create a true XI powerhouse. The acquisition will enable InMoment to bring flexibility to businesses that require specialized private, cloud, or public analytics.

To learn more visit

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