Intermountain Healthcare's Top Exec Is Stepping Down To Form A Healthcare Startup With General Catalyst

At 2pm this afternoon, Intermountain Healthcare's President and CEO, Marc Harrison, MD announced via LinkedIn that he will be leaving the firm to start a new healthcare platform company with backing from mega-investment firm, General Catalyst.

Marc Harrison's departure announcement video, downloaded from YouTube 11 August 2022.

A specialist in pediatric critical care, with extensive clinical and leadership experience, Dr. Harrison joined Intermountain as its president and CEO nearly six years ago in 2016.

Previously, he served for 11 years with Cleveland Clinic, both in Ohio and in Abu Dhabi, most recently as the provider's Chief of International Business.

According to his announcement video above, and in this LinkedIn article, Dr. Harrison explains that expects to officially leave Intermountain late this summer/early fall.

Additionally, the as-yet-unnamed healthcare startup he plans to form is expected to provide "borderless services" and work in concert, and not compete, with other healthcare providers.

Arguably the most notable accomplishment during his tenure was the merger with SCL Health.

Announced in September 2021 and completed this April, the combined nonprofit entity ranks as the 11th largest healthcare provider in the United States, with

  • Over 60,000 employees today, operating out of
  • 33 hospitals (one virtual) and
  • 385 clinics,
  • Across seven states (Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montanta, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming), and
  • Providing health insurance to over one million people in Utah and Idaho.
Merger completion announcement video from Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health, published 30 March 2022 and downloaded from Vimeo 11 August 2022.

General Catalyst was formed in 2000, and according to Crunchbase, the investment firm has raised $8.6 billion.

Interestingly, General Catalyst and Intermountain announced a strategic partnership in May that is focused around what General Catalyst has described as "Health Assurance."

That news release noted,

"The collaboration will involve jointly exploring opportunities to accelerate the shift to value-based care through digital and other solutions–leaning heavily on General Catalyst’s Health Assurance Network companies and broader access to the innovators ecosystem."

Dr. Harrison has publicly disclosed that he suffers with multiple myeloma, but he is apparently in remission and said in today's announcement video that he's presently in an "interlude of good health" that he plans to use as a regenerative phase preparatory to launching this new firm.

According to the Intermountain news release announcing Dr. Harrison's departure, the organization plans to conduct an international search for a replacement, with the goal of having that executive on board this fall.

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